I’ve been reading Scott Myers blog for over a year. He has the most active screenwriting blog on the net. If you’re not already reading it, you should check it out because he always has lots of great articles for screenwriters.

The blog is here: http://www.gointothestory.com/

I got an email from Scott this morning which I’ll publish below. He and his partner, Tom Benedek run the Screenwriting Master Class (http://screenwritingmasterclass.com/). It’s an extensive course for screenwriters. While I haven’t taken the class it certainly looks extensive and impressive. If you’re looking for an online screenwriting class you should check this one out.

Screenwriting Master Class is launching and writers from around the world are signing up for the unique slate of classes that begins in January 2011.  Our curriculum includes:

There are four Core courses which in aggregate provide all the essential knowledge you need to be able to write a professional quality script:

Core I: Structure and Concept
Core II: Character and Style
Core III: Dialogue and Writing
Core IV: Them and Rewriting

Each is a 4-week course and we will be offering them on a recurring basis throughout the calendar year.  The current schedule:

Core I: Structure and Concept
January 3-January 30, 2011 [Scott Myers]
February 28-March 27, 2011 [Tom Benedek]

Core II: Character and Style
January 31-February 27, 2011 [Scott Myers]
March 28-April 24, 2011 [Tom Benedek]

Core III: Dialogue and Writing
February 28-March 27, 2011 [Scott Myers]
April 25-May 22, 2011 [Tom Benedek]

Core IV: Theme and Rewriting
March 28-April 24, 2011 [Scott Myers]
May 23-June 19, 2011 [Tom Benedek]

The January section of Core I is almost sold out, so if you’re interested, act now by going here.


This 6-week workshop enables writers to take a story from concept to outline, preparing them to write a full-length script.  The current schedule:

January 3-February 13, 2011 [Scott Myers]
February 14-March 27, 2011 [Tom Benedek]

January 3-February 13, 2011 [Tom Benedek]
February 14-March 27, 2011 [Scott Myers]

In our experience, many writers do not spend enough time and effort in the prep-writing part of the process, and it shows in the scripts they write.  Cracking the story before you type FADE IN is how almost all professional writers approach their craft.  Here is your opportunity to develop your story like the pros do.

To learn more, go here.


We offer two concurrent sections of these 10-week workshops:

Pages I: The First Draft
January 3-March 13, 2011 [Scott Myers]
March 14-May 22, 2011 [Tom Benedek]

Pages II: Rewriting the Script
January 3-March 13, 2011 [Tom Benedek]
March 14-May 22, 2011 [Scott Myers]

These workshops are structured so that a writer can take a script from FADE IN to FADE OUT in 10 weeks.  Both Pages I and Pages II sections beginning in January are almost sold out, so if you are interested, actnow by going here:

Pages I

Pages II

Why you should consider Screenwriting Master Class
Here’s the thing.  You can read books about screenwriting.  Take classes.  Break down screenplays.  Analyze movies.  Write script after script.
That is all well and good.  But if your goal is to write an original screenplay that will get you representation, sell or be optioned, land you writing assignments, and begin a career as a screenwriter, at some point you need to make the jump – from the mindset of an aspiring screenwriter to that of a professional screenwriter.
How to craft a solid story structure.  How to develop a set of characters to drive the plot.  How to craft strong dialogue.  How to handle story themes.  How to generate strong story concepts.  How to approach screenwriting style.  How to pound out a draft.  How to rewrite a script.  How to take a story from its inception to final draft and deliver a professional quality screenplay.
The curriculum at Screenwriting Master Class offers a comprehensive, coherent approach that teaches you how to do these things – from the essentials of screenwriting theory to an insider’s view of the daily practice of plying one’s trade as a working screenwriter.
The new year is almost here.  Isn’t it time you took a new – and professional – approach to screenwriting?

To learn more, go here.

If you have any questions, you may contact us here:


Screenwriting Master Class
A professional and creative approach to screenwriting.