I mentioned Script Quack a few weeks ago and they’ve contacted me again to offer readers of SellingYourScreenplay.com a special offer.

My original post about Script Quack is here: https://www.sellingyourscreenplay.com/screenwriting-resources/script-quack-screenwriting-consulting-service/

They are offering readers of SellingYourScreenplay.com a $25 discount on their premium service. Paying a screenplay consultant can be a great way to get professional notes on your screenplay. I wrote a post on Script Consultants which you might want to check out if you’re looking to hire one.

If you’re looking for a screenplay consultant to get quality notes on your screenplay I highly recommend Script Quack. Script Quack will give you high quality, reliable, honest notes on your project at a fair price.

Just enter the discount code “sellingyourscreenplay” (without the quotes) on the discount page which can be found here: