A quick update on my current Kickstarter campaign. As of right now I’ve raised a little over $5000, which is around 43% of my total goal of $12K. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. It really is very much appreciated. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I created a video / podcast episode with an update. In it I talk through my own feelings and thoughts after running the Kickstarter campaign for 10 days. I also announce the winners of the email/fax blast drawing. And I talk about the new rewards and bonuses that I’m offering.

Time is running out, so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the campaign yet, please check it out now. You can find it here:


I want to announce the email / fax blast winners from last week’s group of contributors. In the video I actually recorded myself choosing the winners. I ended up giving away an extra blast, so 5 total. The winners are: David Santo, Janet Fisher, SuperMercado, and Julianne Bianchi (twice). Congratulations to all of you. I’ll be getting in touch with you soon to arrange the blast.

I’m also offering some great new rewards…

If you contribute between now and Sunday night at midnight (January 31st) you will get access to two online classes that I taught and recorded.

Online Class #1: Choosing A Marketable Concept (How to avoid the single biggest mistake made by new screenwriters)

Online Class #2: Before You Begin To Write Your Screenplay

Contributions start at just $5. And again, any contribution, no matter how small, will get you access to these two classes! But you must contribute by midnight on Sunday (January 31st).

Click here to contribute.

I’ve also added a new reward to the Kickstarter campaign. I’ve bundled together a 1 year subscription to SYS Select ($199 value) with three producer email and fax blasts ($159 each x 3 = $477) so a total of $677 worth of screenwriting services. And I’m offering them through Kickstarter for only $500, so you’re saving $177. I rarely discount my products. And I’m only offering 10 of these, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. So if you’re interested in this package, please take advantage of it quickly.

If you’ve been thinking about joining SYS Select and/or using my email and fax blast service, this is great opportunity to get them at a deeply discounted price and contribute to my Kickstarter campaign, too. Win-win!

To claim this reward, just look for the reward called “The Screenwriter Marketing Package” on the Kickstarter page.


Also, a quick update. One of the rewards through Kickstarter is a “Story Consultant” credit on the film. If you claim this reward your name will be listed in the film’s credits and on IMDb as a “Story Consultant.” Here’s how this reward works:

#1. You contribute at the $300 level.
#2. You read the screenplay and give me notes on it.
#3. Your name will appear in the film’s credits and on the IMDb page.

So if you’re looking for a writing credit, it’s great way to get listed on IMDb. There are only 3 of these rewards left and I’m not going to be offering anymore. So if you’re interested in this, please do contribute quickly.

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.



The podcast is available in iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher (for Android users), the Windows Marketplace, and the Blackberry store or you can simply listen to it or watch it right from my blog.

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2 thoughts on “The Pinch Kickstarter Campaign Update #2”
  1. Hey Ashley,
    I just wanted to pass along, to maybe pull out in your final week or two, that my reasoning (beyond the fax blast possibility, which I didn’t win 🙂 ) was that I listen to the podcast for free…and if I was ever going to give money to say thank you, now was the time. Like the way NPR says, if you listen to this free show, why not pay a little for it. And you do, because really, it’s free and even if one only paid you $1 an episode, I’d imagine folks have listened to easily 25 and upward…in which case – how about toss you $25 dollars – etc.
    All to say, I know you don’t want to guilt folks into it – but I think it’s reasonable to somehow hint in that NPR way, that a good way to say thank you would be a small contribution…
    anyhoo. Maybe you’ve already done that, I haven’t listened to the updates. But figured I’d share what kicked me to contribute (even my small amount, I wish I was loaded and could give more! :))
    good luck
    seana k

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