I just created a new podcast / video update for my Kickstarter campaign.

I know you’re probably getting sick of hearing about my Kickstarter campaign, and I apologize. It’s almost over so there won’t be anything left to say after next Tuesday at 5pm PST (February 16th, 2016). If you haven’t already checked out the campaign, please do it now as time is running out.

Click here to check out my Kickstarter page.

I’m rolling out a bunch of new rewards and continuing with my special bonus rewards. The special bonuses (see below) will be given out to anyone who makes a contribution between now and when the campaign ends. Contributions start at just $5!

Here are the new rewards…

Man Overboard DVD – I wrote and executive produced this film in 2008. If you’re curious to see a film I wrote, I highly recommend this one! You can find Man Overboard on IMDb here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1186829/ ($30 – Contribution)

Ask Me Anything – Got any screenwriting related questions? Need help with some part of your story? With this reward I’ll happily talk to you for 20 minutes via Skype or telephone to answer any and all screenwriting related questions. I’m here to help if you need it. ($40 – Contribution)

SYS Email / Fax Blast To Producers – With this reward you will be able to submit your query letter promoting your screenplay (or other applicable project) to our list of over 5000 producers (plus DVD, digital download, and behind the scenes pictures). Retail value of this item is $159USD. ($100 contribution)

A Music Credit – Are you a musician looking to get a credit on a produced feature film? If you contribute at this level we will us one of your songs in the film and you will get a credit in the film’s credits and on IMDb. ($100 contribution)

Feature Film Script Analysis 3-Pack – For a limited time you can purchase the regular SYS feature film script analysis 3-pack that we offer for just $189 (normally $199). You can use this package any time in the future and in any way you would like (i.e. one script to 3 readers or 3 scripts to the same reader or any combination). ($189 contribution)

As an additional bonus anyone who contributes between now and Tuesday at 5pm (February 16th, 2016) will get these special bonuses. Contributions start at just $5!

1 log line in our monthly newsletter to producers. This newsletter goes out to producers hungry for submissions so it’s a great way to market your screenplay. You can learn more about this here:


Access to these online classes:

Online Class #1: Choosing A Marketable Concept (How to avoid the single biggest mistake made by new screenwriters)

Online Class #2: Before You Begin To Write Your Screenplay

Online Class #7 – How To Make The Opening Pages Of Your Screenplay Awesome

Online class #8 – How To Write A Killer First Act For Your Screenplay

Online Class #9: Writing A Great Second Act For Your Screenplay

Online Class #10: Writing a Great Ending To Your Screenplay

To contribute or see all the rewards for the campaign, please go here: